Movement for Life - Yoga & Pilates


Yoga and Pilates are a holistic approaches to well-being, fitness and health -  that unite mind and body, breath with movement and balance strength with flexibility. Pilates exercises can be modified and progressed in numerous ways, with and without the use of props and equipment which makes it a popular choice for people at all stages of life and fitness levels, to relieve pain and injury related to stress and overuse of joints and muscles and restore a sense of balance and order in the body. Yoga is increasingly recognised in prevention and management of chronic health issues. Yoga and Pilates are more than exercise, both systems nurture the whole self with awareness and movement. My teaching practice is person-centred and aims to restore wellbeing, ease and confidence in the body. I believe movement has the power to heal, it is the lotion of life!

I have some 35 years experience in movement and bodywork, and am qualified teacher of Pilates, Yoga and exercise for the management of back pain. I offer classes and one-to-one tuition in a supportive atmosphere with adaptions to suit personal needs to develop individual physical potential.  If you looking for a class to join, wish to book a session or make an enquiry please get in touch.

Due to the spread of Covid-19 it is not currently possible to offer any in-person tuition or classes. However I am streaming live classes weekly online - for details please or click here or to sign up up please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.


Karen Hall 

Mobile. 07944 785520